I am a digital and branding specialist who promote businesses and young professionals as they build their brands.

As a full-service marketing specialist, I helped a wide range of clients with content development, digital campaigns, brand identity, advertisements, promotional events, product launching, viral video production and personal branding. Responsible for the development and management of national B2B Mobility CRM & Demand Generation marketing programs, including strategic planning, KPI goals, budget management, execution, and ROI tracking. Manage several functional teams of marketing professionals focused on executing national campaigns including (but, not limited to) email, direct mail, database marketing, and digital marketing.

There are 7 advantages indicating my potential contribution towards your business

1. Proficient in writing content for advertisement, blog, PR article, customer stories, and creating infographics & educational resources for marketing campaigns

2. Ability to construct social media & email campaign with innovative concepts

3. Write storylines & produce commercials to tell stories in the most engaging way

4. Good understanding of strategic planning, sales process, data analysis and CRM

5. Proficient in generating leads and nurturing the network for a better sales solution

6. Build & optimize responsive website that supports SEO requirements

7. Ability to sort, organize a huge inflow of data landfill; extract meaning and actionable insights from them; as well as assessing the department performance

At the same time, I write academic reports and researches on Academia (academia.edu), which shows tactics in the field of marketing planning, total quality management, e-commerce and human resources.

As the clients learn to tell their own stories, that’s the ultimate victory and highest achievement of mine.

And I am available for the next great step. Let the journey begin!