Service Design: Samples in Banking and Hospitality Sector

Entrepreneur and Business, News 11/07/2017

Banking service package Banks offer a wide variety of financial services for customers and businesses to better manage their lives and growth. Banking service packages vary from deposit accounts, credit cards, residential mortgages for individual, to investment options for entrepreneurs. Amongst them, consumer banking is considered the most profitable, with an increased net income driven […]

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Bao Nguyen Profile, No Frills

Why No Frills is going after the frugal-chic consumer

Entrepreneur and Business, News 14/06/2017

No Frills to chase price sensitive consumers Discount shopping has become a focal point in No Frills, a Canadian deep discount chain of supermarkets, advertising campaign summer 2017, to appeal its market share amid an increasingly competitive retail market in Canada with strong players as Loblaw, Costco, Wal-Mart, FreshCo, and FoodBasics. No Frills, which has […]

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Bao Nguyen Profile, Vietnam Charming Beauty

Vietnam, a Charming Beauty

Life and Nature, News, Travel and Holiday 10/06/2017

Despite Vietnam’s ongoing economic liberalisation and the pressures of rapid development, this dignified country has managed to preserve its rich civilisation and highly cultured society. Most visitors to Vietnam are overwhelmed by the sublime beauty of the country’s natural setting: the Red River Delta in the north, the Mekong Delta in the south and almost […]

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Capacity Planning in Operations Management

Entrepreneur and Business, News 10/02/2017

Capacity lead strategy foresees the growth in demand and weaves a net to capture that demand, by employing more staff or storing more supplies. This forceful strategy accompanies with the market penetration strategy as counterpart on another. Both aim to acquire more customers in an expanding market; or establishing a steady position while trying to […]

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