Bao Nguyen Profile, Tax

How tax inequity hurts women

Finance and Economics, News 02/08/2017

Tax unfairness is hurting women Wealthy business owners are prominent for leveraging tax loopholes to pay as little as possible; meanwhile poor Canadians, most of them women, are being hurt while paying their fair share. This consequence results from the government’s proposal in changing its tax policies, which mainly affect small businesses, and especially women. […]

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Bao Nguyen Profile, Magna International

Magna International to Lead Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Enterprise, Entrepreneur and Business, News 17/07/2017

Magna International to Lead Automotive Manufacturing Industry Magna is considered as a leading $36 billion global automotive supplier that designs, develops and manufactures components and a system for the world’s leading auto makers, with 317 manufacturing operations and 102 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries. Magna employed over 155,000 personnel focused on […]

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Ford Motor Canada sustainability initiatives

Entrepreneur and Business, News 16/07/2017

With a widely expanded operation across Canada, Ford Motor has developed the transparent policies and strategies for creating value and sustaining their growth, while addressing social, economic, and environmental issues in today’s rapidly changing world. Ford Motor Canada categories their sustainability initiatives into four dimensions: corporate governance, customers and products, operations, and people and community. […]

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Wal-Mart’s use of RFID and implementation obstacles

Entrepreneur and Business, News 15/07/2017

Wal-Mart has been implementing an advance in inventory control namely Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which utilises tiny chips embedded on packaging to automatically recognise goods being bought. RFID eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of controlling inventory for giant retailers like Wal-Mart. Instead of tagging prices and barcodes on items’ packaging, sales and purchases can […]

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