Canadian Solar Inc to Enter Thailand Renewable Energy Sector: A Promising Movement

The opportunity for exporting and marketing Canadian Solar Panels to Thailand from Canadian Solar Inc. will be examine in this report. Thailand is the second economy of Southeast Asia with a population of 68 million people. With an installed power-generating capacity of 2,768 MW in January 2016, Thailand is the largest producer of solar energy in Southeast Asia. We have identified characteristics such as weather, Governmental policies and plans, sustainability initiatives, the resources available and energy availability to facilitate the penetration of Canadian Solar Inc. into the Thai market. Thailand and Canada have a free trade agreement so the import and export of commodities and services will be freely available. An examination of the company core strengths and weaknesses was carried. The following strength and weakness was identified as it relates to Canadian Solar Inc.’s as a brand and the products they offer. The strengths of the company lie with its automated processes that contribute to the high level of consistency that exist with the product, reputation and ability to innovate. The weaknesses relate to the level of investment in research and development, alignment with company vision marketing strategy and position of the product among other things. Also, an assessment of Thailand was complete to analyze whether or not there was a market for solar panel and if Canadian Solar Inc. could operating profitably without political and legal hindrance and conditions of the domestic social and economic factors. Thailand is a relatively prosperous nation with strong banks, modern factories, flourishing tourism, a growing middle class and other typical markers of a successful democracy.

Detailed Plan and Analysis

The Master Marketing Plan