Career Bao Nguyen


A marketing professional in Toronto

Actively involving in various roles, projects, and organisations, I market new products, sell existing ones, plan for revenue growth, liaison with strategic alliances, develop apps, implement national campaign, generate leads, produce commercials, and manage a team with complex cultural background. 

The work requires me to develop entirely new products and services, distributing, advertising for existing ones planning, conduct market research, plan for series of event and manage the corporate publication and tone of voice on social media. I have been responsible for formulating strategy, product development (e.g preschool programme from Australia), and maintaining oversight of online / mobile product delivery and servicing. This in turn mandates me to evolve and define next generation product, distinguishing the company from all other common offerings, usually through a unique user experience online and a legendary customer service.

Other responsibilities I liaise routinely consist in managing, creating, approving marketing materials, as well as representing the company in dealing with investors, incubators, auditors, difficult clients, and other suppliers.

Resume Bao Nguyen Marketing, Why Hire Me, May 2018

Occupation in Toronto

Marketing Specialist – IPAC Paving Ltd., Toronto, Canada – Jan 2018 to present

1. Digital Marketing

2. Social Media Management

2. Content Marketing

3. Graphic Design

4. Search Engine Optimisation

Marketing Specialist – PrepSkills Inc., Toronto, Canada – Oct 2017 to Apr 2018

1. Digital Marketing

2. Sales and Operation

3. Social Media Management

Occupation in Saigon

Head of Marketing – OtoS Joint Stock Company, Saigon, Vietnam – Jan 2017 to Jan 2018

1. Strategic Marketing Planning

2. Data Analysis and Performance Assessment

3. Digital Marketing

4. Event Management

5. Public Relations and Media Attention

6. SEO and SEM

Senior Marketing Executive – International Minh Viet JSC, Saigon, Vietnam – Dec 2015 to Dec 2016

1. Business Development

2. Digital Marketing

3. Content Marketing

4. Data Analysis and Performance Assessment

Digital Marketing Executive – I Can Read System, Saigon, Vietnam – Jul 2014 to Dec 2016

1. Digital Marketing

2. Sales and Operation

Creative Director – Cocomato Design, Saigon, Vietnam – Apr 2015 to Apr 2016

1. Art Direction

2. Graphic Design

Graphic Design Intern – Forbes Vietnam, Saigon, Vietnam – Apr 2014 to Jul 2014

1. Graphic Design

2. Event Execution

Educational Background

Post-Graduate Degree in Global Business Management – Centennial College, Canada

The two-year business certificate program program, facilitated by the School of Business, delivers a unique blend of management and international concepts to train students to effectively lead in the global business environment. Global Business Management courses cover core business topics such as project management and business communications to ensure graduates can navigate any business environment.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – University of Sunderland, United Kingdom

A rigorous, multi-disciplinary course of study in Business Management with a focus on organizational behavior, competitive strategy, leadership, and development in preparation to lead and communicate – creating value and connecting ideas. Sample coursework: Economics; Business Statistics; Financial Accounting; Operations Analysis; Market Research; Applied Business Strategy; Marketing Strategy.

Graphic Design Artist – University of Fine Art, Vietnam

The time at Fine Art campus was incredibly creative and sometimes gone wild, but on the other hand it had taught an important lesson, that you can achieve everything with your border-less imagination.

Undergraduate in Mechatronics Engineering – University of Technical Education HCMC, Vietnam

Here at University of Technical Education, the fundamental knowledge of physics, mechanics, electronics, pedagogy, psychology, and also architecture, civic engineering, civilization history, evolutionary biology and aesthetics, I spent absolute three years for acknowledging basic sciences before stepping into actual implementation, as my major now are both graphic design and management.

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