Battles and the Book Worm


Battles I’ve Been Through

Leading innovation in automotive industry

I am a branding and digital specialist who guides business owners and young professionals as they build their brands.

As head of marketing at OtoS Jsc, a leading e-commerce platform in automotive industry, I help a wide range of automotive clients with corporate branding, digital marketing, SEO, video production, event execution and personal branding.

I feel that my greatest strengths are my ability to understand and meet the needs of corporate profitability and business demand in terms of marketing. Having a clear understanding of the importance of creativity and being able to provide an outstanding performance with first-class concepts for the use of business.

The Book Worm

At the same time, I write academic reports and researches on Academia (academia.edu), which shows tactics in the field of marketing planning, total quality management, e-commerce and human resources.

There is a great inspiration for me in exploring fundamental knowledge of physics, mechanics, electronics, pedagogy, psychology, and also architecture, civic engineering, civilization history, evolutionary biology and aesthetics. I spent absolute three years for acknowledging basic sciences before stepping into actual implementation, as my major now are both digital, branding, event management, public relations, SEO, and graphic design.

As my clients learn to tell their own stories, that’s the ultimate victory and highest achievement of mine.

And I am available for a new project. Let the journey begin!