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Ford Motor Canada sustainability initiatives


With a widely expanded operation across Canada, Ford Motor has developed the transparent policies and strategies for creating value and sustaining their growth, while addressing social, economic, and environmental issues in today’s rapidly changing world. Ford Motor Canada categories their sustainability initiatives into four dimensions: corporate governance, customers and products, operations, and people and community.

Ford Motor Canada corporate governance drives the company’s sustainable growth, which requires the trust from investors and stakeholders. This trust is built on the foundation of transparency and accountability. Ford corporate governance does not only maintain processes and integration of management system, it also evaluates and advises on innovations that improve the company’s social and environment sustainability, as well as strategies to bring these innovation to the market.

Customers and products are central pillars for Ford Motor sustainability movements to revolve. The company’s collective mission is to produce world-class, smart, safe vehicles to charm customers with convenient driving experience. The giant auto manufacturer utilises life cycle assessment to reduce material waste, improve fuel consumption efficiency, and keep exploring alternative fuels to replace fossil ones. Launching 13 new electric vehicles is a part of their sustainability initiative on product aspect.

Ford Motor Canada operations employ variety of comprehensive programmes to increase energy efficiency, cut greenhouse gases, reduce waste, and manage water resources. Strict regulations concerning environmental impacts require Ford Canada to not only manage their manufacturing plants, but also keep a keen eye on freight providers and component manufacturers.

People and communities influence Ford Motor brand reputation and future sustainable growth. The public’s and media opinions directly affect revenue streams: one communication crisis can lead to the destruction of an entire auto line. In a cooperative endeavour, Ford Fund, the firm’s social responsibility programme, has invested $1.5 billion in civic organisations. From internal point of view, Ford Canada has developed a safe and healthy workplace; as well as creating more than 28,000 jobs across the globe.