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Management Consulting

My management consulting service can help you identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress. I bring expertise from across all industries – including the consumer goods, retail, financial services, industrial goods, technology, media, energy, and private equity industries. This is your disrupted world, and ours. Accelerating advances in technology and changes in business models are transforming the rules and risks of the game. Aggressive competition is coming from upstarts and unknowns. And whatever the customer wants, the customer gets.

I will work with you as colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder, until I have delivered the results that matter to you. Ideally, I create a better future for my clients and the company.

Customer Strategy, Creating and Managing Values

It pays to get customer experience right. Today, customer experience is the new competitive battlefield.  I understand the challenge: companies need to respond to customer needs, while at the same time, better balancing them with understanding the value those customers bring to the enterprise. By doing so, cost structures can be properly aligned and investments can be made with confidence.

Organizations that master the new economics of customer experience can generate a significant competitive advantage. They will be able to optimize spend and investments while delivering winning customer experiences. Also, in the age of digital disruption, many successful businesses are losing touch with their customers. They don’t need a digital strategy. They need a new customer experience strategy suited for the digital age.

I believe it starts with a bold, differentiating vision. To guide transformation, customer journey mapping and experience design are critical to executing customer-centric change.  When you work with us, you can expect:

  1. A richer, rounder picture of your customers, industry and market
  2. A detailed outline of your current customer interactions, including insights on which matter most
  3. A customer experience strategy and delivery model that aligns to your customers and delivers ROI

Business Development, Finding New Revenue Streams

I provide advice on managerial processes and internal operations which will further assist in improving your services and brand strategy, as well as organising and analyze data gathered from evaluations and proposing alternative delivery and program processes while minimizing probable downside of project provisions.

I help clients chart a path to breakthrough growth through a combination of a deep understanding of growth’s underlying drivers and of the strategies that have worked for others. Working with us, you can expect:

  1. KPIs design and performance metrics monitoring
  2. Development of strategic initiatives to improve processes
  3. Management of  all business planning activity, including annual budgeting/planning processes, coordination of headcount planning

Operations Management, Maximizing Efficiency

While both big enterprises and medium businesses face common supply chain challenges, from growth to cost-down initiatives, efficiency to responsiveness-oriented supply networks, towards how to handle digital disruption, the issues land very differently from one sector to another. As a result, how your operational model needs to evolve requires blending deep operational and sector experience.

Deep sector and operations insight means I can share what’s coming over the hill, from threats and disruptions to opportunities and innovations, and I can also help you decide what to do about them. You can expect following programmes while working with us:

  1. Operations Strategy
  2. Operations Management
  3. Operations Transformation
  4. Operational Excellence

Human Resources, Engagement and Culture

I develop and deliver human capital solutions based on thoroughly identifying client needs in one or more of the following areas: engagement, talent management, employee life cycle measurement and effectiveness, change management.

Your organisation will then be able to create organization and behaviour-changing employee experience and change management strategies, primarily focused on employee engagement, culture and continuous listening, including action planning, communication and analytics approach. Working with us, you will receive recommendations on:

  1. Adopting a forward-looking focus to tune into the needs of future talent
  2. Treating talent management as a business-critical process
  3. Looking beyond traditional talent management approaches to hiring, developing, and retaining the best people

Programmes to be implemented for your organisation:

  1. Behavioral Change Management
  2. Organization Design
  3. Learning and Development
  4. Talent Management
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

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