Mission Bao Nguyen


My Three Missions

From professional perspective, I drive top-line revenue growth and high-value new account acquisition and activation through the identification, development and execution of strategic marketing and communications, nation-wide promotional campaigns, viral public relations initiatives, data-driven digital marketing expedition, as well as the strengthened customer relationship. From civil perspective, my mission is simple: to embrace the rules of law, to champion free market principles, and strive for a limited government, whether the situation be in Canada, Great Britain, Vietnam or South East Asia. From technical perspective, I venture out into unfamiliar areas of data science, mobile app development, software programming with C++, Java, and Python, mechatronics, architecture and civil engineering in the thrist for adventure.

Having worked across various industries from preschool education to automotive inspires me to abandon all existing experience whenever an unsolved riddle arises. The availability bias conceals executives under a safety net of previous victories and proven successful pathway. It is a mere dangerous assumption to apply a construction firm’s corporate strategy into an expanding chemical manufacturer entering a foreign market. Let it be food and beverage franchising business. Let it be hosting a tremendous launching event. Any commercial movement that costs money shall be executed on a case-by-case basis, in a timely manner, and with thorough market research and cost consideration on lose-lose circumstances. There is no one size fit all resolution in a volatile environment as marketing and business development.

Founded on an uncertain ground of fluctuating market, with a contingency approach and the ready-to-abandon-the-ship mentality, my entrusted mission is to unfold a series of resolutions for the company or my client to select amid the turmoil of information flows. Therefore it is a must for me to master omni aspects of how to implement an agreed-upon strategy. It could be, and many times it was, enhancing the online presence for an auto dealership chain to capture online demand for their newly launched car. It could be, and still has been, producing eye-catching and heart-touching commercial to reach targeted audience at the right time the right channel. It could be ambitiously raising capital from foreign investor to mitigate market risks and acquire precious insights for a four star resort in their mature stage. Such diverse profile floods me with tons of industry reports, insightful data analysis, business case studies, innovative and proven effective resolutions, ground breaking approaches, and critical movements in trade and commerce. Extracting decisive information and formulating an applicable strategy for a selected enterprise are my routine job. Like adding mapple syrup into three shots of espresso, you can do it even in auto-pilot mode of the brain.