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Service Design: Samples in Banking and Hospitality Sector


Banking service package

Banks offer a wide variety of financial services for customers and businesses to better manage their lives and growth. Banking service packages vary from deposit accounts, credit cards, residential mortgages for individual, to investment options for entrepreneurs. Amongst them, consumer banking is considered the most profitable, with an increased net income driven by growing consumer deposits, total mortgage and home equity lending. Therefore consumer banking will be a typical sample to study the banking service package.

Consumer banking service package’s physical aspects involve the service itself and the entire environment, in which the service is delivered. The package for individual generally includes chequing accounts, savings accounts, debit and credit cards, insurance, and wealth management services. Surrounding environment includes the bank’s facility, corporate branding, information processing system, furnishing, elegant interior, uniforms and employees’ dresses. Secondly, the sensual parts of consumer banking package incorporate personnel professionalism, staff skills, process timing, and facility location that is convenient for customers. And finally, trust, understanding of customers’ needs, personalised services, omnichannel engagement, and customer experience refine the package at it absolute level: psychological benefits for customers.

Hotel service package

Commonly in the hospitality industry, a package is exclusively included everything in the room rates. An ordinary booking provides guests with fully furnished room, culinary experience, free wifi access, and wellness and leisure facilities such as gym, swimming pool, and sauna.

The physical aspects of a hotel service package consists in the whole establishment’s facilities, including an overnight stay in a fully heated / air-conditioned room with nicely furnished interior, separate washroom, waterfall shower, flat screen television set, minibar and other amenities. Apart from the room, the standard hotel package usually provides fitness gym, indoor or outdoor swimming pool, musical and entertaining concerts, tennis courts and free parking spaces. On the sensual level, hotel wants their guests to feel warmly welcomed and enjoy the fanciest relaxation that life has to offer. This may present in a breath-taking view from the balconies, or the heavenly tasted dished offered by the hotel’s state-of-the-art chef. Lastly, psychological benefits are perceived as the sense of relaxation, comfort, social status, and overall well-being.