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Bao Nguyen Profile, Freshii Leading Restaurant Chains

Freshii to Lead the Restaurant Franchise Market

Enterprise, Entrepreneur and Business, News 03/03/2018

The Freshii Business Freshii Inc., the Toronto based healthy restaurant chain, reached 6.3 per cent in its trading initialisation, after mounting C$125.4 million in its initial public offerings (Alexander, 2017). The brand is recognised for serving fresh food designed to energise modern life busy bees. Freshii satisfies every taste and dietary preference with its diverse […]

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Bao Nguyen Profile, Le Tengo

A refined beauty with Le’ Tengo

Entrepreneur and Business, Key Projects, News 10/08/2017

Le’tengo, a Singaporean fashion brand from Singapore, was founded in 1998, in a refined and elegant style, where convergence of style and sensuality brings a glamorous look. So far, Le’tengo has more than 40 stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. It has always been synonymous of beauty, excellence and French spirit. The most precious natural […]

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